I camp.

I love camping and I do it whenever I can — usually between 15-20 nights per year. And while most of the hiking/camping community has been moving to internal frame backpacks, I remain an external guy. They’re easier to pack (and more forgiving when you do it “wrong”), better for hiking on well-established trails and much cheaper. But for all their benefits, they’ve become harder and harder to find. So I was very happy to find one of the best external packs around — the Jansport Carson — available once again after a long absence on Amazon.com.

To celebrate and get the word out, I’m posting the link below. Note that the RandomMaccess affiliate ID is embedded in the link. If you buy it through this link, I’ll get a small kickback, and your price remains unchanged.

Now get out there and do some camping!

Jansport Carson Backpack