Apple has posted a FAQs page on its transition from .Mac to the new MobileMe service it announced at WWDC. I’ll just cover a few of the more burning questions I’ve seen.

  • .Mac to MobileMe transitions are automatic; the subscriber does not have to do anything to activate MobileMe
  • Storage space, which recently increased for .Mac subscribers, is being doubled: Individual subscriptions go from 10GB to 20GB; family packs now get 40GB–20 for the main account and 5GB for each sub-account.
  • You can keep your current address. You will also get a new address with the same username, e.g., if your .Mac address is, you will also get–that’s a pretty cool address, in my opinion.
  • If you have .Mac home pages or galleries, their current URLs will still work. They will also be accessible in a version of the URL.
  • You can use either your or screen name in iChat (or AOL, I presume). However, if you cancel your subscription, only the screen name will work.
  • Some .Mac features are being discontinued: Web access to bookmarks (bookmark sync between your Macs and/or PCs is still supported), iCards, .Mac slides, and support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther sync.