It may seem ironic give the fact that I’ve given seminars on setting up wireless home networks, but I agree with a lot in this Lifehacker post. My desktop machines are all hard-wired, and I have a spare port for plugging in laptops when I need wired speeds. My AppleTV is still wireless, but that’s only because it’s in a location that makes it difficult to run a cable.

Most homes will still need a wireless network for things like laptops, iOS devices and handheld game platforms. The Lifehacker headline is unnecessarily dramatic: nowhere in the article do they actually propose going completely wireless. Still, there’s good information in there, including a look at Powerline adapters, which let you run network connections through your electrical wiring.

For those interested, the slides from my 2008 Macworld session on setting up a WiFi network are still available and mostly still relevant.