Nice spot by Apple that’s getting a lot of attention. In an industry that loves throwing out specs and features (We’re looking at you, Motorola Xoom), this spot makes its point by doing the same thing that Apple does with its products: focuses what you it allows you to do, not the technology that lets you do it. I’ve had fun with Apple’s frequent use of the word “magical” to describe the iPad, but I’ve come to understand that its a much more fitting way of describing the way people interact with it than touting GHz and RAM.

Two observations: the spot cleverly says that “faster, thinner, lighter” are nice but not enough, which makes it clear that, while there’s more to it, the iPad 2 absolutely is “faster, thinner, lighter.” Also, the image of the guitar is stunningly realistic — even when the strings are plucked, the suspension of disbelief is sustained.