Amazon’s try at an eBook reader, the “Kindle,” was released today. If anyone can make a product like this work, I think it’s Amazon (OK, and maybe Google).

I really like the idea of taking the computer out of the equation. I also like that Kindle comes with free EVDO wireless networking that works only for the product’s features — I think that’s going to be an important factor in its adoption.

What I don’t like: The price, for sure. $400 seems like a lot — especially when you’re still paying $10 per book. It also seems dated already, both in terms of industrial design and the greyscale screen. And is the full keyboard really necessary? I guess it’s needed for the buying process, but it seems heavy handed given that the functionality of this device should be 90% focused on reading text.

I think it’s a very interesting start and has loads of promise. It’s definitely a 1.0 product, though, and unlike the iPhone, I think I’ll wait a rev or two to jump on this bandwagon.