MacVoices Road to MacworldI did an interview with Chuck Joiner for his “MacVoices” podcast (one of several excellent podcasts he produces.) The interview went online today–unfortunately, I can’t hear it yet because of firewall issues at my office, so I don’t know how much of an idiot I sound like. (Always a concern for me when I speak off the cuff.)

Before the main focus of the interview (my Macworld session on WiFi for beginners), we spent a couple minutes talking about this site. For whatever reason, we spent what was probably too much time discussing the role of RandomMaccess as a Mac journalism “watchdog.” I think I used the word “curmudgeon” and Chuck called me an “enforcer.” While I do see commenting on how the Mac press handles its responsibilities as a big part of what’s unique in what I have to say on the web, I’m afraid it may have come across a little over the top in the interview. I see it in a much more light-hearted way than I fear it sounded.

For the record, I plan on covering the Mac press the way I do everything else in this incarnation of the site: observe things that interest me, and when I have time, comment where I think I can add something worthwhile to the discussion. I have no intention of looking over the shoulder of every web writer who covers Apple, and the mental image I get of me as “The Enforcer” is just downright silly, even if I’m the one who created it.