MonthJune 2015

BTN Mac Show: ‘Trimming Back’

I was remiss in putting the word out about the latest Mac Show on the British Tech Network. I’d be lying if I said I remembered what we talked about, but I do recall it was a lot of fun as usual. Oh, right — I do remember talking about how I now have an Apple Watch.

My “Cool Thing” was the innerexile Glacier iPhone 6/6+ case — a slim, self-healing case that’s very, well…cool.

If you haven’t listened to The Mac Show, give it a try. It’s a fun, lighthearted conversation about some of the coolest things happening in the tech world today — and you don’t need to be an uber-geek to follow along.

‘It’s about time: Why watchOS 2 convinced me to buy an Apple Watch’

My latest Macworld article takes a look at why I finally decided to buy an Apple Watch. I told myself I would wait for version two — and I did. I just didn’t realize said version would come by way of a software update and not new hardware.

The article is here. I was thrilled to see how it resonated — it seems I’m not the only one who was waiting.

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