MonthNovember 2014

Macworld article: ‘3 key things to know about Yosemite and security’

My newest Macworld article covers some of the new features in Safari for Mac OS X Yosemite and how the could potentially impact your security. To Apple’s credit, each of these features can be controlled by the user. I’ll show you what’s shared, with whom, how to change the default settings — and why you might not want to.

The full article is on the Macworld website.

Dan Frakes: New features you may have missed in iOS 8

Dan Frakes compiled a list of his favorite new features in iOS 8. You may already know most of these, but having them all together in one place is very helpful, and some features may have slipped your notice.

I completely agree with Dan about the usefulness of the new “Hey, Siri” feature. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I use it in my car all the time — it’s turned my car into a voice-activated command center.

Dan’s article is available on his website.

Macworld Review: NewerTech’s Wireless Keypad Puts the Finishing Touch on Apple’s Own Keyboard

I wrote a review for Macworld (after all these years of tech writing, it’s my first piece for them) in which I take a look at NewerTech’s unimaginatively named “Wireless Aluminum Keypad” and like what I see. How much did I like it? You’ll have to read the full review over at Macworld to find out.

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