Month: August 2013

‘Open vs. Closed’ and other mythical battles on The MacJury

I joined a panel of pretty smart pundits on the latest edition of Chuck Joiner’s MacJury podcast. We started out with a look at the “battle” between so-called Open and Closed ecosystems, including of course Android and iOS (and some thoughts on why Android is ahead of iOS in market share), and then delved into TV and movie content distribution and other tangents. As usual, it was a lively discussion that I think shed some light on some of the issues at play. Guests Peter Cohen of The Loop and iMore and Weldon Dodd of Rewind Technology were lots of fun to banter with.

The episode’s worth checking out if for no other reason that to see how much grayer my hair’s gotten since my last appearance.

New iPhones on September 10th? ‘Yep.’

Jim Dalrymple puts his signature stamp of approval on an AllThingsD report claiming Apple will unveil its next-generation iPhone at a special event on September 10th.

Apple could introduce two new models at the event, the report says: an iPhone 5S, a speed-bumped version of the iPhone 5 that could include a fingerprint sensor and improved camera. The company may also announce a lower-cost “iPhone 5C,” which pundits have been saying would help Apple in the mid-range market, where it faces competition from low-cost and highly subsidized Android phones.

Any phones introduced are expected to ship with iOS 7 — an update to the iPhone’s operating system.

As far as I can recall, Dalrymple hasn’t tossed out a wrong “yep” yet.