Our good friends Jim Dalrymple and Peter Cohen announced a new, less cluttered and almost ad-free redesign of their popular Mac, tech (and occasional RIM-bashing) news site, The Loop. Also new is a membership plan for an enhanced RSS newsfeed: $3/month or $36/year.

Jim writes:

In April, I started looking at the site the way a reader would see it, not the way the owner would see it. To be blunt, I didn’t like what I saw and knew that something needed to change.

The site looked cluttered, and it was hard for a reader to enjoy a story. This is the last thing I wanted for The Loop.

So, we spent the last few months coming up with a solution that would be better for the reader, better for our sponsors, and still allow us to make a living.

Jim and Peter are two of my favorite tech journalists, and two of the few worthy of the name. Jim’s contacts within the industry in general and Apple in particular are especially impressive.

The site looks great and its content is always worth a read. I wish Jim and Peter much success in this new phase of The Loop’s run.