It’s that time of year again, but with some interesting differences. Last year’s Macworld Conference & Expo proved IDG could host a successful show without Apple’s presence; this year we’ll see if exhibitors and attendees got the word. This year’s conference also makes a break with the past by using a new venue — or more accurately — leaving an old one. The entire show — including conferences, feature presentations and exhibit hall — will be held within Moscone West with no elements of the show using the familiar North and South halls.

I’ll be at the show as usual. For those interested in catching up with me, here are your best shots:

  • I’ll be delivering a User Conference Session called “Tell Me What I Didn’t Already Know About Safari” on Thursday, January 27th from 10:30-11:45 in Room US907.
  • I’ll be appearing in the Macworld All-Star Band at Cirque du Mac 8.0. The time and location are undisclosed and the event is strictly invitation only, but if you’re nice to me, I may have an extra ticket or two.
  • On Friday, January 28th, I’ll be participating in a panel called “Parenting in the Digital Age,” hosted by Chuck Joiner. It will be held in Macworld LIVE stage at noon. In addition (and perhaps contrast) to me, the panel will include smart folks like Tonya Engst, Omaha Sternberg and Christopher Breen.
  • Chances are excellent that I’ll also be Tweeting about interesting sessions, discoveries and sessions, so if you’re at the show, follow me at And if you see me, please make a point of saying hello. It’s the opportunity for real-world, face-to-face interaction that makes Macworld such an important aspect of the Mac (and technology) community.