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For anyone interested, I’ll be giving a session at Macworld San Francisco this year. The nice thing is that it’s part of the Macworld Learning Center, so it’s free for all attendees — not just those who sign up for the conferences. I think the idea is to give the attendees a taste of what the conference sessions are like in the hopes they’ll sign up next year. I guess that means if the conference attendance tanks next year, it’s all my fault.

The session is called Creating And Using a WiFi Mac Network, and will run Tuesday through Friday from 1:00-1:45 p.m. It’s a very basic session, geared towards new users. In other words: if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably way too advanced for this course.

My other gig is a real gig. Once again, I’ll be playing in the Macworld All-Star Band at the Cirque du Mac Party hosted by my friends at the Mac Observer. The band consists of Paul Kent, Chris Breen, Dave Hamilton, Duane Straub, Bryan Chaffin and yours truly. We’re even hoping Andy Ihnatko will drop in again for a song or two. The party is invitation-only, but I’ll probably have a few tickets to hand out to people who are really nice to me. 😉


  1. Wondered if you are going to post your PowerPoint slides from your presentation. I would love to have them.


  2. Hi, Fred —

    I’m working on converting them and hope to have them up soon. Thanks for your interest (and to everyone who’s written in about them, too!)


  3. I am also wondering where I can find the Power Point Slides?

    Larry Frank

  4. Thanks for your patience — the PDF is up. (Of course, they were done in Keynote, not PowerPoint.) 😉

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