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About that ‘enforcer’ thing

MacVoices Road to MacworldI did an interview with Chuck Joiner for his “MacVoices” podcast (one of several excellent podcasts he produces.) The interview went online today–unfortunately, I can’t hear it yet because of firewall issues at my office, so I don’t know how much of an idiot I sound like. (Always a concern for me when I speak off the cuff.)

Before the main focus of the interview (my Macworld session on WiFi for beginners), we spent a couple minutes talking about this site. For whatever reason, we spent what was probably too much time discussing the role of RandomMaccess as a Mac journalism “watchdog.” I think I used the word “curmudgeon” and Chuck called me an “enforcer.” While I do see commenting on how the Mac press handles its responsibilities as a big part of what’s unique in what I have to say on the web, I’m afraid it may have come across a little over the top in the interview. I see it in a much more light-hearted way than I fear it sounded.

For the record, I plan on covering the Mac press the way I do everything else in this incarnation of the site: observe things that interest me, and when I have time, comment where I think I can add something worthwhile to the discussion. I have no intention of looking over the shoulder of every web writer who covers Apple, and the mental image I get of me as “The Enforcer” is just downright silly, even if I’m the one who created it.

Pardon our appearance

I’ll try to limit site news, but I felt the need to make a quick note about the look of the site: I know it’s awful. I’ll be working on the design over the next few weeks, but I didn’t want to hold up the content.

Please bear with me — it’ll get better.

After 10 years, a RandomMaccess reboot

Those who have only recently started following all things Mac will be forgiven for having no idea who the heck I am, but hopefully there are still some of you out there with fond memories of RandomMaccess. 

Ever since my career path took a decidedly non-Macintosh-centric path, I’ve had little time for maintaining a full-service Mac news site. I still think I have a few worthwhile things to say, though. So, encouraged by bloggers like the excellent John Gruber of Daring Fireball and the surprisingly fun exchanges of observations on Twitter, I’m re-launching RandomMaccess as a blog. The difference is mostly in scope: I won’t feel the need to report on the day’s news as much as comment on it; the last thing the Mac web needs is another site regurgitating press releases and aggregating headlines. But I do think there’s room for critical commentary and analysis. (And of course, the occasional snarky remark.)

I hope you’ll stop by often. I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of fun.

Editorial: GraphicPower ‘blacklisting’ looks more like apathy than conspiracy

A slow but steady outcry has been building up within the web-based Mac press over the revocation of GraphicPower’s media credentials for the upcoming Macworld New York Conference and Expo. Unfortunately, some in the Mac web have turned it into an ill-informed, inbred hissyfit based mainly on second and thirdhand reports, and the idea that if two or more sites quote the same piece of innuendo it qualifies as “confirmed by independent sources.”

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